… the wine, its taste, its intensity

So what’s our Hareter wine like? First off, it’s hand-picked. The selection of our grapes starts in the vineyard, where we skip the inadequate or immature ones. A lot of the time it’s the unhealthy grapes or even the cream of the crop which are left to enjoy a prolonged ripening process, for example when first harvesting grapes from the Blaufränkisch vineyard for Rosé and later on for red wine.

Next, we press and ferment, pressing the grapes with minimal pressure for a longer period of time, sometimes the whole grape including the stem, other times the destemmed grapes, depending on how the grapes have developed in a particular year and what wines they are intended for.

After that, the wine undergoes spontaneous fermentation: Sometimes, with white wine, we feed single grapes back into the pressed juice to let the two ferment together, and sometimes we ferment the mash completely, either pressed or not. Red wine stays on the mash as long as possible and as short as needed, pressed or not, while being aired and stirred.

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So it’s true: Hareter wine is different every time

And this is how the year goes: tasting, airing, stirring... tasting again, in order to not miss anything. White wines are kept in stainless steel tanks or in big, much used wooden tanks, while red wines are put in big old wood barrels and in old 500 liter barrels.

We only fumigate our Hareter wine when necessary, and if so, only minimally. We have learned that sulfur often ruins more than it does good. The same goes for fining agents: When the grapes have had the chance to ripen in full and are then processed properly, fining is not sensible - it only takes the wine’s soul. To clearly demonstrate the fact that we deliberately abstain from fining, we got vegan certified. Many fining agents are animal-based unless they are artificial and therefore not organically acclaimed.
Some of our wines we don’t even filter. For guaranteed drinking fun, they are bottled with their natural cloudiness.

So what's Hareter wine like? The organic growing methods practiced in the vineyard and the minimal, yet accurate cellaring create expressive and exciting wines with a distinct minerality. They come across as fragile, they’re structured, straight and - most of all - lively!

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