Our Hareter family history in Weiden am See can be traced back to the year 1725. The Hareters were farmers then and still are today. One might assume that we are a traditional enterprise. One might assume that we are a traditional business - but only if you don’t know us that well! Aside from the Hareters‘ house and farmyard in Weiden am See, another aspect has been passed on from generation to generation and that is the independent Hareter mind. It is the reason the focal points in their agriculture have kept on shifting, from agriculture with some wine growing (Andreas Hareter and Elisabeth Hareter) to a true combination of both (Matthias Hareter und Gerda Hareter), to today’s pure viticulture enterprise (Thomas Hareter und Claudia Hareter-Kroiss).

Hareter Austria stands for pure nature and pure indulgence!

Since graduating from viniculture school in Krems in 1996 Thomas Hareter has been providing his input, almost doubling the vineyard acreage, and changing the entire sales structure of the business. We made the switch to organic wine growing in 2006 and have been bio certified since 2009. That’s also when Claudia got on board. The latest sprout of the traditionally rich Hareters is Samuel, born in 2010. Thomas and Claudia agree: It’s our goal to bring out the best in our plants and in ourselves, instead of scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Thomas Hareter

Driven by the vision of creating the purest of wines he is determined to take on the challenges of each vintage and every single natural wine along with its uniqueness.

This ambition already developed back when he was taking his final exam and didn’t agree with his examiner. He was able to convince the examination board and by the time he transitioned to organic wine growing, he had thrown what he learned at school overboard, in some cases even disproving it. Not only is Thomas Hareter a maverick at winemaking, he is also a wine lover who couldn’t bottle a wine he didn’t appreciate himself.

Thomas Hareter
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Claudia Hareter-Kroiss

Wine is supposed to be felt throughout the body and be the cherry on top of a zest for life.

Claudia Hareter-Kroiss comes from a background in gastronomy. Prior to entering into wine making she studied literature, fueling her special interest in dialect dictionaries. She finally crossed over into wine making at the winery. Claudia’s passion is all about the wine and its vitality! Her approach to wine is just as independent as she is. She would rather categorize her wines into chakras than in aromas. Her main responsibility is in export, which has risen to 80% since she first started with the company.

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