Once we realized there is no alternative to organic wine, we started to question the traditional methods. And that’s why we do not use any herbicides, pesticides, mineral fertilizer, yeast, nor fining agents.

Organic grapes that have been hand-picked and have had the chance to thrive in a healthy environment are the very foundation for vinification that is to our taste.

Years and years of experience with spontaneous fermentation, alternative vinification, oxidation, reduction, and everything else that goes along with that, now enable us to bottle wines that show outstanding histamine and sulfur contents. They are vibrant, expressional, lively, … and tasty!

„Everything, what is against nature, will not last for long.

Charles Darwin


Wine and Soil

We make wine WITHOUT compromise

Winery Hareter Thomas 1


The Soil as a Basis

This is how we make the numerous different soils in our natural wines noticeable.

Vineyards and Soil


Organic wine is our conviction

We do NOT do all of this with our wines - and thus manage to get nature into the bottle without adulteration.

That's how we make wine

Winery Hareter Thomas 2


Winery Hareter

Handmade and quality
are our traditions

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Come on over

Come and visit us at our winery and learn everything about natural wine and our philosophy.



We make wine for you

Only if everyone pulls together can high quality wines be created over the years. Get to know Thomas & Claudia Hareter.

About us

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