Why do we produce organically? Because it’s the right thing to do


Actually, this should be the norm since organic wine goes without lots of stuff that is traditionally used. It doesn’t require any herbicides, pesticides, or mineral fertilizers. But what it does take is a well-trained eye, time, and faith.

There’s no alternative to organic wine

It takes a curious mind to develop a well-trained eye for growing organic wine. In 2006 we started the transformation from conventional to organic viticulture and have been certified since 2009.
Thomas' curiosity and questioning of the conventional methods - as his questioning of any given method – have both trained his eye for recognizing the essentials in the vineyards and taking proactive measures.

Biowein aus Überzeugung. Er braucht weder Herbizide, noch Pestizide und Mineraldünger.
Biowein aus Österreich - Weingut Hareter Thomas

Time provides us with experience while allowing for wines and knowledge to thrive

For a wine grower, it takes a lot of perseverance until you are finally reach the point of pouring the fruits of your labor into a glass. Sometimes it takes two years to find out if you have ended up with the exact organic wine you were imagining in the vineyard.

We don’t leave anything to chance. As they do in bio-dynamic viticulture, we rely on teas and home-made compost for fertilizers. We don’t irrigate, but instead keep our vineyards green throughout the year. This is how we establish a stable bio-diversity and growth balance, as well as an optimal ripeness in the grapes. The grapes are rich in antioxidants and we pick them by hand.

It also takes faith, which can be tough at times. Trusting in your keen eye, in having made use of time in a good way, and believing that everything will turn out well.

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