Zweigelt 2017


informal, accommodating




On the nose, the organic wine is clear and typical with a scent of cherries and sour cherries. The fresh cherries are resonating on the palate again. He looks very velvety, informal and elegant. A picture book branches in the world of natural wines, which definitely tells something ...


15 to 23 years old vines, refined on the documents 5BB and SO4, grown on the gravel soil with loamy subsoil of the Weidner plains.


Harvest by hand in September 2017, most careful selection in the vineyard; fermentation on the mash in a steel tank up to 33 ° C, mash circulation with pneumatic stamp, mash time 14 days, malolactic fermentation and aging in a large wooden barrel, minimal sulfur addition; filled with screw cap at the end of November 2018.

Histamine content

under 0,1 mg/l

Storage recommendation:

until 2023