What does natural wine mean here?

What does it mean here natural wine "?! That means "without" with us.
The guiding of the grape from the vine into the bottle is the actual and most delicate matter of the winegrower. We try to intervene as little as possible; however, it is not just the leaving of grape juice, which makes good natural wine (of course made of the best grape material).

Handlese - Ernte von Hand

Wine without ... ... a lot of natural wine

Phacelia - Pflanzenvielfalt im Weingarten

In our Natural wines –the "without" wines - we have reduced our influence to an absolute minimum: just "without". Without yeast, without fining agent, without or with minimal addition of sulfur, without filtration, without frills: unfiltered, unadulterated, unadorned, unconventional!
What is not used also in our classic wines: products of animal origin. From the animal are often fines, which are prohibited in organic farming, not desired or not necessary. So we consciously do without - "vegan friendly" / "vegan friendly" are therefore all our wines and juices! (The term "vegan wine" is no longer allowed since 1.1.2015.)






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