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Vinery Hareter Thomas
Natural wines since 2004!
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Vinery Hareter Thomas
Organic certified since 2009.
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Thoughts and Deeds

Löwenzahn im Bioweingut

There is no way around the organic wine

In search of the purest quality, we come back to the base: to unadulterated grapes. And that is only possible if they grow in a truly healthy and balanced environment.

No herbicides, no pesticides, …. more info

That's what we thought

Our Organic wines should be one thing above all else: honest and genuine. Each one developed according to its characteristics, each wine its own spectrum: intense, delicate,…. more info

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Handlese - Ernte von Hand

What does "natural wine" mean here?

What does „Natural wine“ mean?! That means "without" with us. The guiding of the grape from the stick into the bottle is the actual and most delicate matter of the winegrower. We try, …. more info

How histamine enters the wine

Histamine s a biogenic amine that is produced by the human body itself and absorbed through food. It fulfills all sorts of tasks in different processes and is therefore fundamental ….more info

Gründüngung im Bioweingarten
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