Welschriesling 2018


tender, determend





A Welschriesling as it should be in the book: cool, very lively, light and playful, smelling of apples. The taste of this organic wine: very refreshing with apples and some citrus ... a perfect play of fruit and spice, creamy, juicy and elegant.


21 to 35-year-old vines, grafted on the root stock 5BB, grown on the loamy sandy soils of the vineyards Seufertsberg and Rabensauörtl.


Harvest by hand in September 2018, most careful selection in the vineyard; gentle pressing - mostly whole bunch pressing, virtual spontaneous fermentation in a stainless steel tank up to 20 ° C, 5 months storage on the lees, maturing in a stainless steel tank; filled with screw cap in February 2019.

Histamine content

under 0,1 mg/l

Storage recommendation:

until 2021