Schwips rosé 2019


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Our organic semi-sparkling wine is not just called that way - we admit it: at the latest after an emptied bottle, you notice it, the Schwips. Although - or just because - he is so light and sparkling, you would rather have a glass than none. Because the carbonic acid dances so funny on the tongue and because the sweet fruit refreshes so wonderfully, that you get very warm. The swipe spreads its cheerfulness throughout the body ...

The organic frizzante smells intensively of raspberries. It tastes very playful and fruity sweet with raspberries and strawberries. The finish: elegant and very animating ...

Harvest by hand in September 2019, direct pressing (traditional method, mostly whole bunch pressing), spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel tanks, fermentation stop by filtration, aging in stainless steel tank.

Histamine content: under 0,1 mg/l

Schwips - Bio-Frizzante