Pinot Noir ohne (without) 2018


sensitive, decelerating

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This wine has the scent of frozen wildberry fruits: lively and clear with a touch of herbs, smoky. Puristic, and structured with a good level of complexity. There is the cool, subtle, and delicate combination of raspberries, blackberries, and a little mint and an extremely long and subtle finish. You will need to take your time drinking this natural wine! The Pinot Noir ohne will slowly pull you into its world, and it will not let you go.

16-year-old vines, gravel soil with loamy subsoil

The grapes were harvested by hand in September 2018. The fermentation process was spontaneous, open, and on the skins for 20 days. The grapes were punched down by hand; malolactic fermentation in a used 500-liter cask. The wine was left unfiltered with minimal added sulfur.

Histamine content: 0,19 mg/l