Heytshala white 2018


clean, cuddly




Slightly nature cloudy. This natural wine is clear on the nose, very fresh and cool, herbal. On the palate, an almost lean icy fruit with fine tannins, mineral to pebbles, yet very playful with a long and intense reverberation.


30-year-old vines, grafted on the base 5BB, grown on the barren gravel soil with loamy subsoil of the site Kranawitzl.


Harvest by hand in August 2018, selective harvest of individual vines; spontaneous, open fermentation on the mash (10%) to 28 °C, malolactic fermentation in the used 500-liter barrels, unfiltered, with minimal addition of sulfur, bottled in July 2018, corked with Diam.

Storage recommendation

until 2024

Why we chose the name “Heytshala”.
The people from Weiden are called “Heytshala” by the people from our neighbor villages. This word is a derivation of “Hetscherl”, which is our dialectal form of “Hagebutte” = rose hips.