So hat in Weiden am See alles begonnen


Our family Hareter from Weiden am See has been active in agriculture since 1725 - as far as we could track it - since at least four generations, wine has also been grown and expanded.
Thomas - after graduating from the Harvesting School Krems (1996) in the winery Hareter - completely took over the business in 2011 from his parents Gerda and Matthias.
The change of operator has also brought shifts in priorities. And so, with Matthias, agriculture has disappeared completely from the plant; since 2019, the entire attention belongs to the wine.

In 2006, the important decision to switch to organic farming was made; since 2009 - after three years of conversion - the winery is certified for organic production.
Since 2009, Claudia is also there and has taken over the export of wine.



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