That's what we had in mind

In search of the purest quality, we come back to the base: to unadulterated grapes. And that is only possible if they grow in a truly healthy and balanced environment. No herbicides, no pesticides, no mineral fertilizers, no bare soil. But an interaction of herbs and weed, an early recognition and averting of disease, a targeted use of organic matter to strengthen the vines and to preserve the diversity of life in the vineyard.

If one has recognized the power of nature and the connections "out there", the only consequence is sustainability, environmental awareness and thus the biological economy.


Weingut Hareter Thomas - Löwenzahn

Because: "Everything that is against nature, in the long run, does not endure." (Darwin)

BIO - in Weingarten und Keller

We work in the awareness that both the life forces of nature and our own powers have been given to us. Therefore, not exploitation, to get the last out of itself, is our guiding principle, but a dosed coexistence of vineyard and man. It is important to recognize the limits - and to extend this horizon gently. Through the bio-organic way of farming, coupled with the use of herbal extracts, we can find back to the nature intended by nature: to balance in the vineyards and ultimately to a balance in ourselves. Because it is not our goal to get the last out of ourselves and our plants - but the best .



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