There is no way around the organic wine

Our Organic wines should be one thing above all else: honest and genuine. Each one developed according to its characteristics, each organic wine its own spectrum: intense, delicate, full of character, juicy, cool, rich in content and complex! Quite simply: the grape in the glass.

In organic viticulture, only biodegradable products that are not absorbed by the plant are used (contact agent). In contrast to conventional viticulture, which also uses synthetic agents that act on the sap flow.

Another prerequisite for living organic wine is spontaneous fermentation. The grape yeasts make the grape juice to the organic wine, which he is destined to be ... The further expansion is mainly determined by oxidation and reduction - the use of air.

Weingut Hareter Thomas - Regenwurm

Believing in organic wines!

Regenwürmer als Mitarbeiter

Our logo is the link from living wine to living soil: the simplest graphical representation of the movement of an earthworm.

Why did we choose the earthworm? Darwin answered, "It is wonderful to think that all the bulk of the superficial humus has passed through the bodies of the earthworms and will pass through them every few years. [...] It is doubtful if there are many other animals that have played such a significant role in the history of the earth as these lowly organized creatures. "

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